Why Lord Ganesha Has A Broken Teeth ? Explore The Significance of Lord Ganesha's Broken Tusk.

Lord Ganesha, the revered Hindu deity, is often depicted with a broken tusk / teeth, which holds significant symbolism in Hindu mythology.

a large statue of lord ganesha

Legend of Lord Ganesha's Broken Tusk / Teeth

One of the most popular stories surrounding Lord Ganesha's broken tooth is the legend of how he wrote the Mahabharata.

According to Hindu mythology, the sage Vyasa approached Lord Ganesha to write down the epic tale of the Mahabharata as he dictated it. Lord Ganesha agreed, but with one condition: that the sage must narrate the story continuously without any pauses. Vyasa accepted the condition but put forth his own counter-condition: that Lord Ganesha must understand the meaning of each verse before writing it down.

Thus, as Vyasa recited the verses, he would occasionally compose complex and intricate stanzas to give himself time to formulate the next ones. Lord Ganesha, being the embodiment of wisdom and intellect, would ponder over the meaning of these verses before inscribing them. In one such instance, Vyasa recited a particularly intricate verse, and Lord Ganesha, engrossed in deciphering its meaning, broke off his own tusk to use it as a writing tool to continue transcribing the epic without interruption.

Symbolism of the Broken Tusk

The broken tusk of Lord Ganesha holds deep symbolism in Hindu mythology:

  • Intellect and Wisdom: The broken tusk represents the sacrifice of one's ego for the sake of wisdom and knowledge. By willingly breaking his own tusk to continue transcribing the Mahabharata, Lord Ganesha exemplifies the importance of prioritizing wisdom over physical appearance or pride.
  • Imperfection and Acceptance: Lord Ganesha's broken tusk symbolizes the acceptance of imperfection and uniqueness. It teaches that even flaws can be embraced and celebrated as part of one's identity.
  • Adaptability and Resourcefulness: Lord Ganesha's ability to adapt and use his broken tusk as a writing tool showcases his resourcefulness and creativity in overcoming obstacles.
  • Accessibility of Knowledge: The broken tusk signifies the accessibility of knowledge to all, regardless of physical limitations or perceived imperfections.


The broken tusk of Lord Ganesha is not merely a physical attribute but a symbol rich in mythological significance. It serves as a reminder of the values of wisdom, humility, acceptance, and resourcefulness that Lord Ganesha embodies, making it a revered symbol in Hindu culture.

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